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DIY KPI Scorecard


DIY KPI Scorecard is blank KPI design template for the "Do it Yourself" KPI practitioner/ expert.  Build your own KPIs and scorecards from scratch in no time with little effort.


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Metric Dictionary

The metrics dictionary provides a quick reference describing the key attributes and information about the metric.


Every metric should have it's associated attributes registered in a master metrics dictionary for quick reference. For example: ID, Name, Purpose, Target, Polarity, Owner, Status, How Calculated, Source Data etc.

DIY KPI ScorecardMetric Dictionary

​Dashboards are useful to summarize, visualize and monitor real-time operational performance information i.e. dashboard of a car displays how car is operating.



​Scorecards are useful to summarize, visualize and assess historical trend and performance information towards the achievment of a goal i.e. GPS in a car displays when you will arrive.

Process Maps

Process maps are another type of visual display which helps summarise the health of a process/ service; steer and control the process/ service;  pinpoint hot-spots requiring attention; and predict where areas of improvement are required.

Process Maps
Causal Maps

Causal maps are another type of visual display which helps quickly summarize cause and effect relationships.  For example Fishbone or Ishikawa.

Causal Maps

​Trending charts help pinpoint hot-spots or trouble areas throughout the process or service. Trending typically includes monitoring metrics over time to determine if they are operating within acceptable ranges.


DIY KPI Scorecard is used to accelerate the design, build & implementation of metrics for practitioners and experts.

​What's Included:

  • Metrics database (MDB)
  • KPI Scorecard templates
  • User guide
  • Examples of configured metrics, scorecards and dashboards


Metric Dictionary

Build an inventory list of base metric definitions that articulate how they validate, direct, justify and intervene.  Then take measurements and assess status.

  • Metric definitions
  • Thresholds
  • Characteristics
  • RACI
  • Measurements
  • Status

Design Excel dashboards that help align goals and objectives.

  • Goals
    • Objectives
      • Indicators
        • Metrics
          • Facts

Create KPI scorecards that make it easier to concentrate on what matters.

  • Benefits/outcomes
  • Efficiency/effectiveness
  • Quality/satisfaction
  • Maturity/capability
  • Workload/workflow
Process Maps

​Build process maps create the instrumentation necessary to control and improve a process or service.

  • Inputs, outputs, & activities
  • Critical to quality
  • Process sensors
  • Value stream metrics
Causal Maps

Build causal maps to make it easier to spot danger in time to correct it.

  • Cause & effect
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Primary & secondary drivers

​Take measurements and visualize trending patterns to help drive cost/effectiveness and quality improvements. 

  • Multiple time periods
  • KPI Dictionary
  • Accountability mapping

Why Buy?

The benefits of using DIY KPI Scorecard include:

  • Saves your time
  • It's Low cost
  • Simple and quick to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Familiar MS Excel format
  • Customizable to your needs


Create value faster by spending less time on the mechanics of measurement and more time on creating the right metrics that communicate strategy and expectations, influence behavior, measure results, learn from feedback and take corrective action. 

  • Focus on the end vs. means.
  • Get's job done quicker
  • Wastes less time

What's New:

  • Expandable list rows to add more metrics
  • Expandable date columns to add more measures

Use Cases:

There are many use cases for myKPI Designer.   Here are some popular examples:

  • Prototyping - ideal for developing requirements and specifications for more costly business intelligence or analytic solutions - does not replace existing IT systems or BI tools; enhances their use and value.
  • Lean Startups - great for designing lean startup metrics to test hypothesis i.e. viability of new businesses or value proposition.
  • Metrics Tree Design - speeds up design and development of "critical to quality" measurement models based on alignment of goals, objectives and critical success factors.
  • Performance Improvement - quickly verifies the degree of any organizational, departmental or personal improvements by measuring a baseline and trending over time.
  • Balanced Scorecards - design and build balance scorecards in minutes vs. hours or days.
  • Service Dashboards - easily pinpoint failure modes and the effects of poor services and the impact to your customer.
  • Process Flow - visualize the workflow in your processes to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Value Stream Maps - visualize the bottlenecks in value stream to identify waste removal opportunities.
  • Process/Capability Maturity - quickly identify issues, gaps and risks hindering the maturity of your processes or capabilities.
  • Cause & Effect - quickly visualize cause and effect relationships or leading vs. lagging relationships.
  • Application Performance - design how best instrument and monitor the health of your critical applications.
  • Infrastructure Performance - design how best instrument and monitor the health of your critical infrastructure services.
  • Cost Effectiveness - visualize where there are financial of cost inefficiencies in your functions, departments, capabilities, services and/or processes.
  • Quality Controls - easily develop quality controls, instrumentation and testing criteria.


  • Single User License i.e. anyone responsible for continuous improvement for internal use e.g. Managers, Process Owners/Managers or Service Managers.
  • Consultant License i.e. anyone who provides measurement consulting services to others.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Excel™ 2003 or above
  • 40mb disk space
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