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CSI Register Enterprise


ITIL CSI Register ServiceNow tools. An enterprise level CSI Register software tool to help teams and departments collaborate and coordinate improvement initiatives.


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​From the CSI Value Canvas planning tool, create a portfolio name, define the purpose and time frame to create an organization structure and roadmap.

CSI Register Enterprise PortfolioCSI Register Enterprise Portfolio

Bring ideas to life using the Value Canvas, a simple one-page planning tool that's used to visualize and create compelling improvement plans that people embrace.

CSI Register Enterprise CanvasCSI Register Enterprise Canvas

Determine and create controls, measures, artifacts and/or evidence that are critical to your success.

CSI Register Enterprise ControlsCSI Register Enterprise Controls

List details about customer value including the desired outcomes and benefits that are important. 

CSI Register Enterprise StrategiesCSI Register Enterprise Strategies

Create the list of managed elements (things) that directly enable the outcomes and benefits.

CSI Register Enterprise EnablersCSI Register Enterprise Enablers

Assess the enablers to determine and log the challenges (problems) preventing or hindering them from achieving the strategy.

CSI Register Enterprise ChallengesCSI Register Enterprise Challenges

Register, assign, track, monitor and complete initiatives that directly address the challenges.

CSI Register Enterprise InitiativesCSI Register Enterprise Initiatives

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​​CSI Register Enterprise is cloud based software tool used to get better results, faster and with less effort.   Enterprise built on ServiceNow relational database cloud platform from small teams to large groups or departments and organizations.

Why Use:

The CSI Register software tool helps change leaders determine the details required to manage, control and implement successful improvement initiatives.

The CSI Register acts as a repository for planning and crafting the "who, what, where, when and how" details collaboratively with the implementation team.  Note: CSI Value Canvas helps identify the "why".

The CSI Register is also used for execution to track progress, monitor assignments, provide transparency, measure and assess project controls, metrics and supporting artifacts and documentation.


CSI Register Modules include:

  • Portfolio - builds an improvement portfolio, define the purpose and timeframes to create an organization structure and roadmap.
  • Canvas - from the CSI Value Canvas planning tool, captures the structure of the improvement value proposition.
  • Strategy – captures details about the desired outcomes and benefits that are important.
  • Controls – captures metrics/measurement controls that will guarantee your success.
  • Enablers – captures the managed elements that directly enable the outcomes and benefits.
  • Challenges - captures challenges for each enabler.
  • Initiatives - captures initiative details that directly address the challenges.

Dashboards & Visual Task Boards (Kanbans):

  • by Role
  • by Work State
  • by Perspective

Why buy?

The benefit of CSI Register Enterprise include:

  • Low cost enterprise solution
  • Save time & resources
  • Better work scheduling
  • Get to end of job faster
  • Simple and quick to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated with ServiceNow
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Improved collaboration


Advantages by using CSI Register Enterprise:

  1. Improved communication – breaks down resistance to change by creating better awareness and visualization of work.
  2. Increased project control - keeps control to guarantee outcomes, deliverables, and schedules.
  3. Better assignment tracking – understand resource dependencies and potential risks.
  4. Overall progress tracking – understand the big picture status to better manage expectations.
  5. Improved collaboration – strengthens team commitment to work together and produce maximum results and desire to succeed.
  6. Increased transparency – provides instant feedback to reinforce desired behavior.
  7. Scalability – flexible level of detail depending on complexity of change required.

What's New:

  • Kanban Task Boards
  • Status Task Boards
  • Dashboards by Role
  • Web portal interface

Use Cases:

  • Planning improvement initiatives
  • Gather & prioritize business needs & requirements
  • Communicating to stakeholder & peers
  • Goal & objective alignment
  • Identifying risks, issues, gaps and waste
  • Tracking assignments and progress


Ten (10) User License i.e. larger groups, teams and/or departments e.g. Service Desk, CSI Team, Service Delivery Teams, Software Development Teams, Operations Teams, Audit & Risk Management Teams, and/or any ITIL Process Teams.


  • Existing installation of ServiceNow Fuji Release
  • ServiceNow base licenses
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