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​ITSM management consulting services help IT organizations assess, analyze, redesign, implement and measure improvements for processes and services.

Our consulting services help organizations assess their current situation, analyze root-causes/ opportunities, redesign processes/ services, implement improvement initiatives, measure and sustain results.

Let us help facilitate the improvement process for you using our professionals, tools, techniques and methods and experience.


​We offer an array of consultative service like:

Cloud Computing

​Identify opportunities to leverage cloud computing services i.e. scale, flexibility, costs, agility, elasticity and efficiency.

IT Service Management

Better practices to deliver quality to customers, identify waste and eliminate it, improve efficiency and the overall speed of execution.

Continual Service Improvement

Determine and capture business benefits from process/service improvements more quickly and sustain them for ongoing value realization.

​IT Financial Management

​Measure current cost/value, investigate optimization opportunities, develop business plans to cost justify the right IT investments and monitor progress over time with follow up key performance measures.

​IT Governance Strategy

Improve service capability, work more economically and reduce compliance risks using effective ​governance, process and controls. 

Lean IT Consulting

​Increase customer value and eliminate waste. Map your customer value streams and determine wasteful activity; conduct failure modes and effects analysis to determine technical root cause/improvements, lead Kaizen events to determine process and organizational root cause/improvements, develop CSI value canvas to get organizational buy-in; implement CSI Registers and visual Kanban boards to manage work and pace of change.

Management Consulting

​Assess customer value, strategy, capability, problems, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, gaps and provide recommendations that help plan, design, build and implement a framework for continuous improvement.

​Performance Measurement

​Become more responsive, proactive, agile and prescriptive through feedback from dashboards, scorecards and key performance indicators.

Staff Augmentation

Supplement your team with experts to help Plan, Design, Build, Implement & Operate.
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