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Ongoing key performance measurements help to:

    Reduce Cost
Increase Productivity
Mitigate Risk
Improve Planning
Increase Value
    Enable Success


Increase the Business Value of IT through ITSM Measurements with Micromation's IT Benchmarking & Measurement Consulting Services.  Overview - Video Presentation

Information technology (IT) investments are becoming the largest percentage of an enterprise’s capital expenditure.  One of IT Management’s main goals required by the business executive, is to demonstrate improved business value from their IT investments.


Micromation’s IT benchmarking and measurement consulting services provides a continuous improvement path for organizations to increase the value of IT through the benchmarking of IT metrics and monitoring of key performance indicators (KPI).



We help IT Managers make better decisions, faster, with less effort and for lower cost, enabling them to increase the value of IT.


Get the Most from IT






Benchmarking of IT metrics and monitoring KPIs is a standard and structured approach used to evaluate the outcome of IT activities, practices and process. The results provide insight into the actions taken by management that both positively or negatively affect the performance of the organization. IT Managers will build higher levels of efficiency, effectiveness, quality and return on investment by using Micromation's ITSM measurement and continuous improvement services.

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           How to Implement Metrics

            myKPI Designer© SW Tool

PC Refresh Planning SW Model



           How to Implement metrics - ITSM
      Implement Measurement to Drive Value


Self Assessments:
IT Health Check Benchmark

ITIL Maturity Assessment
            TCO Light™ -Self Assessment
           TCO Benchmark
TCO Assessment

            TCO Business Case

ervice Offerings:
            ITSM Metrics Training

            myKPI Data Collection Tools
myKPI Scorecard Reports

            IT Asset/Config. Management
            User Profile Survey




  ON Ministry of Gov. Services
  BC Ministry of Finance
  City of Calgary



   Peregrine Asset Management
   TCO Expert
   ITIL Framework
   BSI Information Security

   ISO 20000 Consultant



   IS Audit and Controls Association  
   IT Financial Management Association
   IT Service Management Forum
   Help Desk Institute
   Benchmarking Exchange
   Project Management Institute


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